Double Scented Candle

Double Scented Candle

A 17 oz , 2 scent, 3 wick candle. This candle has a burn time of 55 - 74 hours.

**** Note****

*These candles are made with a different process. Please allow 4- 5 days for proper production.

*Add the two (2) scents you would like in the comment section

***Scent Options***

Men’s Line

1 Million
High tide

Traditional Scents

Black Cherry Merlot
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Blood Orange
Bourbon Vanilla
Fresh Linen
Lavender Lemongrass
Mango Peach
Sage x Citrus
Sweet Kisses

Non Traditional Scent

Birthday Cake
Brunch Babe
Georgia Peach
Peach Prosecco
Spa Day
Stress Relief