Sample Pack

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Sample Pack

3 travel size (4 oz) candles. Add your scents in the " Notes or Instructions" section during checkout. Or Email with your Order Number.

Approximate burn time of 30 hours.

(A) = Aromatherapy Line
(M) = Men's Line

Scent List

1 Million (M)
Barbershop (M)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Bourbon Vanilla
Chamomile (A)
Creed (M)
Fresh Linen
Givenchy (M)
Healing (A)
High Tide (M)
Lavender (A)
Lavender Lemongrass (A)
Lemon Linen
Lemon Verbena (A)
Mango Peach
Marijuana (M)
Mint (A)
Orange (A)
Pearberry (M)
Sage & Citrus (A)
Sea Salt Orchid
Sweet Kisses
Vanilla Bergamot (A)
White Tea